Meet Revelr’s Intern Caroline

Here in New York City, the telltale signs of the season are budding:  I finally got brave enough to drop off my winter coat at the dry cleaners, afternoon coffee breaks at the corner cafe are being replaced with strolls outside, and people are finding more excuses to call on us to help them gather and celebrate.  The team here at Revelr loves nothing more than planning outdoor events so summer couldn’t have come sooner.

As we kick off the season, we’re excited to welcome to our team our wonderful summer intern, Caroline McLaughlin.  Caroline hails from a family whose roots run deep in the event world.  Her father is a chef/director at a national catering operation, and her mother is a natural hostess.  Their home is one where food is for the taking, drinks are cold, and the kitchen is generally humming with full-bellied laughter.


Caroline is spearheading much of our blog content this summer, so you’ll be hearing a lot from her in the coming months.  She’s already planning a series of posts that answer questions we’ve grappled with while planning events, and we can’t wait to follow along with her as she shares her event prowess with us this summer.

To kick things off, we decided to get to know Caroline a little better.  With no further ado, we present some questions for Caroline:

What do you like most about events?  

I have always been someone who paid close attention to detail, so my favorite part about events is seeing all those details come together and the guests’ reactions to them. I also love seeing new and surprising elements at events, especially when it comes to food presentations.

Best part about being in New York City: 

I would have to say the vibrancy of the City is the best part. It is place of endless discovery, resources, and creativity, so you always feel inspired when you’re in it. Soho is my go-to neighborhood. With all of the street vendors, art galleries, shops, and restaurants, it is truly an irresistible place with great finds.

What makes a party memorable?

Something personal or unexpected. At my graduation party, I was pleasantly surprised by the décor on my cake. Some might say I have an obsession with Kanye West – many fail to understand why. But my family decided to give in and put Kanye’s face and a quote by him on the cake. It is safe to say that no one will ever forget that moment when the cake came out. Also, decorations for me are always memorable because they pull the whole party together and can say a lot about the person throwing it.

Most prized possession:

I have always appreciated quality over quantity, so I have these one pair of pearl and diamond stud earrings that I got for my high school graduation, and I have not taken them off since.

Favorite flower:

I love white flowers, especially hydrangeas or peonies!

Favorite food to serve at a party:

Crab cakes or chicken wontons. Finger food always leaves people wanting more. Draw the crowd in with appetizers, and they will not be able to resist the main course!

What kills the mood for you at a party?

When people at a party do not mingle, and they only talk with the people they already know.

Favorite place to travel:

Santorini or Mykonos. It’s always a party in Greece, and the people I’ve met there love connecting with each other

Greece photo .jpg

Every event should have ________

Great music, flowers/décor, and food.

Favorite thing about working with Team Revelr:

Learning from event experts while still having the freedom to run with my ideas and being comfortable enough to express those ideas.

Best gift idea for a host or hostess:

Something they do not have to deal with immediately – like flowers or a classic candle – and never anything they are expected to serve. I think anything monogrammed adds personality to a gift.

If you had 5 people coming over and only $20, what would you buy/serve?

If it’s a brunch, my mom’s go-to has always been French toast, so I might steal that from her. Fresh fruit and flowers are also good ideas for any event. For a cocktail party, some basic nuts, cheese, or chips and salsa are classic and affordable. If it’s a dinner, go with pasta for sure.

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